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Celebrating Conan Doyle - a successful weekend of events!

The weekend to celebrate the heritage of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who built Undershaw, has been a huge success with nearly 450 guests enjoying the events and Undershaw.  Visitors were able to self tour with information available in every room to describe the part it played in a family home, the restoration of the building and the family who lived here. 

We also welcomed a special visit by the Sherlock Holmes Society of London on Saturday as part of their annual events.  Whilst for many it was not their first visit to Undershaw they found a building renewed in its celebration of heritage, literature and the history of the creator of the best known fictional character in the world.

Torchlight presents Hound of the Baskervilles:

We had two wonderful performances with 190 guests enjoying Torchlight Mysteries as they brought to life with much laughter this spoof production.  The perfomance nonetheless stayed true to the original text written here at Undershaw and published in 1902.


Guest Speakers:  

Over two days we learnt about Conan Doyle's life, the family's time at Undershaw, his interests and greatest creation - Sherlock Holmes.   With over 250 guests enjoying the talks each one brought the great man to life.

Ann Treherne - Edinburgh               Marion Dell - Haslemere     


Bonnie MacBird - Hollywood       Catherine Cooke - London


John Owen-Smith - Grayshott

Visitors enjoying the grounds:

Two wonderful days at Undershaw allowed guests to enjoy the grounds and the delights of the Cookie Bus and Pescadoras catering. 


Bookstore & Sherlock Holmes Tartan:

It was our great pleasure to welcome Tania Henzel (step-great,great grandaughter to Conan Doyle) with her newly launched Sherlock Holmes tartan.  We were also able to offer a bookshop of original texts, the publications of our guest speakers and the continuing line of Sherlock fiction thanks to Haslemere Bookshop and MX Publishing.


Haslemere Museum Exhibition:

The heritage team (Anne & Corinne) developed an exhibition which was seen for the whole month of May at the museum and over the weekend at Undershaw.  We would like to thank Michael Gunton (Portsmouth Collection), Richard Peskett (Grayshott Heritage) and Bob Ellis (Sherlock Holmes Society, London) for loaning us their original works by Conan Doyle and images of Undershaw during his time in residence.  Also to MX Publishing who sponsored the cost of the exhibition boards and Haslemere Educational Museum who gave us the space free of charge.



The exhibition and weekend saw us welcome visitors from the USA, Netherlands, South Africa, New Zealand, Scotland, Japan, Finland as well as those more local to Undershaw.  Everyone felt they had learnt a little more about a great man whose legacy we continue to celebrate.

The weekend was able to donate a fantastic £3000 to the school which brings to the total donated by the Conan Doyle Events to £6400 over the last two years.  We would like to thank everyone who contributed to this event.  They are too numerous to mention here - but they know who they are - it wouldn't have been possible without you.  Thank you all!