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Calling all Stepping Stones Alumni!

Happy New Year to all Stepping Stones Alumni!


We are so proud of our school - and this means we are so proud of ALL our students, past and present.  We would love to be in touch with you!

For those of you who won’t know me, my name is Sharon and my role is ‘Transition Officer’, which sounds terribly grand!  It means that I look after pupils:

  • moving to Stepping Stones from other schools;
  • moving between the two school sites (we now have our Junior School at Tower Road and our secondary school and Post-16 classes at a lovely building down the road called Undershaw);
  • and also those going on beyond life at Stepping Stones, whether it’s to college, university or employment.

So as you can see from what I do here, I’m fascinated to hear where you are now and your journey since leaving us – perhaps for some of you that was a long time ago.

Where are you and what are you doing now?

When did you leave Stepping Stones?

What is your fondest (or funniest) memory of your time here?

What would be your advice for a young person joining Stepping Stones in the future?

I would really love to hear from you so please drop me a line.  You don’t have to answer the questions above, I’d just love to be in touch with you in whatever way suits you best.  My email address is