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Each year we seek to raise money and welcome donations to provide additional equipment, projects and activities for school.  All our students are funded through their local authorities as part of an Educational Health Care Plan to meet their special needs.  However, as with all schools public funding doesn't provide for all the extras that our students need.


      Emotional Resilience              Academic Learning           Physical Well-being

Last year we received over £22,000 in donations to support our students including:

  • £1500 towards a new emotional therapies
  • £1250 towards our new library
  • £1000 towards our new science laboratory
  • £426 towards a forest based art project
  • £2,844 for sensory and hydrotherapy equipment
  • £200 for outdoor benches
  • £200 towards our new Duke of Edinburgh programme
  • £1000 towards educational supplies
  • £7,567 at the annual Sundial Festival for our creative arts & ICT curriculum. Click here to view a short video of the event.

In addition our PTA raises money through events such as fayres, raffles, recycling collections and donated £4000 to school last year for music, sports, therapy and fitness equipment.

We would like to say thank you to all our supporters! 

Funding Projects 2018-19

Alternative Therapies

The Facts: mental health is an increasing problem for young people today and it can be even more debilitating for those with special needs.

The aim is to provide a range of alternative therapies not normally funded through statutory sources. These will give our students the opportunity to explore feelings and take ownership of anxiety levels to manage them effectively.

 £15k per year will support a range of therapies including play therapy and Emotional Freedom Technique across the school.

Forest School

The Facts:  too many special needs children miss out on key elements of their childhood because of fear, sensory issues or an inability to join in with peers.

The aim is to provide opportunities for lost childhood outdoor play experiences and to build family confidence and engagement in outdoor experiences.

£8k per year to provide a forest school lead for school activities and family training.

 Major Fundraising Projects

We currently have 2 major fundraising projects for which we are seeking funding from a range of sources.  They are both areas in which the impact on the young person will be significant in providing them with the resilience and ability to contribute actively to society and lead fulfilling lives.

Post 16 Employment Hub 

The facts:  only 6% of adults with a learning disability are in employment.

The aim is to improve opportunities for employment for young adults with special needs by engaging businesses and improving vocational pathways for students in our Post 16 provision.

£80k over 3 years will provide the mentoring support required to enable our students to undertake work placements in the community and will form the basis for a local hub for businesses and young people alike to empower and enable work placements in the community.

Family Support Unit

The facts:  the rate of family break-up for a special needs child is twice as high as that for a mainstream child.

The aim is to improve the resilience of the family supporting a young person with special needs.  Providing training, advice and access to support networks.

£37k per year will provide a full-time support worker and the ability to set up a support and training network.

Projects for 2017- 2018

Stepping Stones is focused on ensuring that our students leave school with the skills they need to gain employment and become independent in their adult life.   We are introducing enterprise and work skills programmes into the curriculum of all our students from an early age, and from there are giving them access to varied and extended work placements within our community.  This is building the resilience and ambitions of our students as they progress through the school, but what we need is to extend our Post 16 provision so that we can achieve this goal for more young people.  Since announcing our expansion plans the school has more students on our admissions waiting list than places available.   Going forward we are seeking support for three development projects from 2017 onwards: 

  • The setting up of a business employment hub through the continuation of our work placement and mentoring project aimed at placing students with local companies and businesses and funding a mentoring scheme for students as they enter the workplace and make career choices.
  • A third site for our Post 16 provision – potentially located in a busy town centre we aim to use social enterprise to provide the educational background to building the skills and resilience our students need.
  • An outreach service which offers support to those schools with students who don’t make their way to Stepping Stones but need the specialist advice we can offer to improve their educational opportunities.

How to get involved

There are many ways to support the school through donations, running a fundraising event of your own, attending one of our fayres or participating in our fundraising activites.  For more information please contact us on 01428 609953 or at or follow our news through our website.


If you would like to support the work of our school then you can either visit our Virgin Giving Page see below or simply send a cheque made payable to the Friends of Stepping Stones for the attention of Isaac Xenetides.  We are happy to discuss areas of interest and specific wishes in relation to donations and will always follow up (if you wish) with a report on the spend and impact of your gift.

To further support the work of the school click below:

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