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Stepping Stones as a school has a range of policies and procedures all of which are available through the School Office.

We highlight in particular:

  • 001 Home School Agreement 2017 (0.49 MB)
  • 003 Anti Bullying Policy (0.19 MB)
  • 019 Equalities Policy (0.27 MB)
  • Accessibility Policy July 2018 (0.18 MB)
  • Additional Learning Opportunities Formerly Homework Policy 2019 (0.24 MB)
  • Admissions Policy February 2019 (0.24 MB)
  • Behaviour for Learning Policy September 2018 (1.25 MB)
  • Careers Work Experience Policy November 2019 (0.17 MB)
  • Charging and Remissions Policy March 2020 1 (0.20 MB)
  • Complaints Policy (0.21 MB)
  • COVID 19 Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy Addendum (0.21 MB)
  • Curriculum Planning Policy (0.30 MB)
  • First Aid Policy Review 2019 (0.25 MB)
  • Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy and Procedures November 2019 FINAL 002 (0.84 MB)

    The following policies are available for scrutiny in the school office:

    Acceptable Use of ICT



    Assessment, Recording & Reporting


    Charging and Remissions


    Conflict of Interest

    Community Use

    Complaints Policy


    Curriculum Planning

    Data Protection 

    Dress Code

    Equal Opportunities

    Fire Drill & Evacuation

    First Aid

    Grants & Fundraising

    Health & Safety

    Home School Agreement


    Marking Policy


    Missing child

    Occupational Therapy

    Out of School Visits


    Relationship and Sex Education - Primary

    Relationship and Sex Education - Secondary

    Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy and Procedures

    Speech & Language Therapy

    Special Educational Needs

    Substance Abuse/Drugs/Alcohol 

    Support and Supervision

    Teaching and Learning

    Teaching and Learning Standards

    Volunteer Management



    Parents wishing to request access to data under the data protection act should write a request to the Headteacher. 

    All data published on the website is available in paper copy from the school at no extra charge.