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Stepping Stones as a school has a range of policies and procedures all of which are available through the School Office.

We highlight in particular:

  • 001 Home School Agreement 2017 (0.49 MB)
  • 003 Anti Bullying Policy (0.19 MB)
  • 019 Equalities Policy (0.27 MB)
  • Accessibility Policy July 2018 (0.18 MB)
  • Additional Learning Opportunities Formerly Homework Policy 2019 (0.24 MB)
  • Admissions Policy February 2019 (0.24 MB)
  • Behaviour for Learning Policy September 2018 (1.25 MB)
  • Careers Work Experience Policy November 2019 (0.17 MB)
  • Charging and Remissions Policy March 2020 1 (0.20 MB)
  • Complaints Policy (0.21 MB)
  • COVID 19 Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy Addendum (0.21 MB)
  • Curriculum Planning Policy (0.30 MB)
  • First Aid Policy Review 2019 (0.25 MB)
  • Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy and Procedures November 2019 FINAL 002 (0.84 MB)

    The following policies are available for scrutiny in the school office:

    Acceptable Use of ICT



    Assessment, Recording & Reporting


    Charging and Remissions


    Conflict of Interest

    Community Use

    Complaints Policy


    Curriculum Planning

    Data Protection 

    Dress Code

    Equal Opportunities

    Fire Drill & Evacuation

    First Aid

    Grants & Fundraising

    Health & Safety

    Home School Agreement


    Marking Policy


    Missing child

    Occupational Therapy

    Out of School Visits


    Relationship and Sex Education - Primary

    Relationship and Sex Education - Secondary

    Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy and Procedures

    Speech & Language Therapy

    Special Educational Needs

    Substance Abuse/Drugs/Alcohol 

    Support and Supervision

    Teaching and Learning

    Teaching and Learning Standards

    Volunteer Management



    Parents wishing to request access to data under the data protection act should write a request to the School Business Manager and Data Protection Officer (DPO) Emma Crabb on 

    All data published on the website is available in paper copy from the school at no extra charge.