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Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium is additional government funding for pupils who are either looked after children or perceived to come from disadvantaged backgrounds and therefore qualify for Free School Meals. This funding is then used to boost the learning of pupils so that the gap between learners is narrowed and all pupils are then able to reach their full potential.

At Stepping Stones School we aim to narrow the attainment gap between pupils so that they can achieve their full potential, particularly in English and Mathematics as well as improve access to accreditation and sustained access to a learning environment. Pupil Premium is also used to help pupils fully participate in chosen or enrichment activities and receive the additional support which they require.
Some Pupil Premium funding has been spent on one to one sessions for individual pupils to boost their attainment. This method is an effective way to improve attainment of our most disadvantaged pupils. Pupils who received Pupil Premium funding will have benefited from the following additional provisions:

• Numeracy 1-1 tutoring
• Literacy 1-1 tutoring
• Nurture and attachment support
• Access to specialist resources
• IPads or Tablets to promote independent study
• Curriculum enrichment trips

All of our Key Stage 4 pupils who received Pupil Premium funding achieved very good levels of progress which exceeded expectations.

Funding Received

Financial Year


No. of students

2014-15 £0 0








The pupil premium was used to support the re-integration of the pupil to a mainstream environment including school visits, assessments and liaison with professionals, family and school staff.  The impact was monitored through the successful re-integration over a period of time to a mainstream school setting.


The plan for funding is as follows the Surrey pupils for whom we currently receive pupil premium.  We note that at present we do not receive payments from Hampshire County Council.

Key Intervention


Impact / Outcome

Intervention / Project

Monitoring of Impact 

Staff responsible

Attendance and punctuality


Increased self-worth and identity therefore allowing young person to access learning with risk.

1:1 nurture sessions

1:1 prelearning sessions

Increased attendance



Access to accreditation


Access to Laptops and OT support and programs to improve effective use.

Laptop and fine motor skills sessions to ensure effective access and use.

Increased output in lessons and greater engagement of learners.



Behaviours for Learning


Raised levels of engagement and resilience to take risk in learning

Bespoke program to build tolerance to learning

Increased lesson engagement

ELSA x 2

Increased social resilience


Increased support and role play around unfocused times to prevent distorted recover when re accessing learning, Decreased anxiety levels

Eft sessions

Equine Empowerment

High level of positive engagement in all aspects of school day.

Lower incidents rate.



Academic progress enhancement


Self-worth increased via additional focus sessions music and arts based.


Singing therapy

Duke of Edinburgh

Increased risk taking in Lesson and higher level of independent learning monitored via GAS levels


This plan and its impact is reviewed as part of the Curriculum Governors remit in the Autumn Term meeting.

 Premium Payments

The school is not currently in receipt of the following:

  • Year 7 literacy & numeracy  catch-up premium
  • PE & sport premium

Should this change, we will make a full account of any funds received.